Background & Criminal History Checks

Limited Criminal History / Background Check

You may purchase a copy of your own limited criminal history by appearing in person at the Hobart Police Department, Records Division at 705 E. 4th Street, Hobart, Indiana.

Limited criminal histories may also be obtained for pre-employment checks by potential employers and in a number of other circumstances outlined by state law.

Criminal histories may be checked by name and date of birth. Where checks are made by name and date of birth, we cannot guarantee that the record of the individual we furnish is actually the record of the individual whose record was requested.

By State law, the limited criminal history includes all Hobart Police Department cases that have a disposition as well as Hobart Police Department cases without a disposition if the case is less than one year old. Cases older than one year without a disposition are not included. The Hobart Police Department limited criminal history contains only arrests made by the Hobart Police Department. For charges outside of the City of Hobart, it is best to contact the police agency in the area where the requested subject might have resided.

The cost of a limited criminal history is $20.00 and payment is cash or check. The Records Department is open for criminal history checks from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday and Saturday 7 am. to 2 p.m. (excluding holidays). Three full business days are needed to process limited criminal history requests. You may call 942-1125 (option 1) for more information.

Limited criminal histories are also available online via Indiana State Police.