Opening a Business

Licenses & Permits

A business license issued by the City is not required in order to operate business in Hobart. However, a zoning review and occupancy permit are required prior to moving into any business establishment. The occupancy permit requires an inspection from the fire department and the building department. Please contact the Hobart Building Department and Planning Department for more information.

Downtown Business Welcome Packet

The downtown is the heart of the City and provides many exclusive opportunities for businesses to succeed. The City of Hobart’s Downtown Business Welcome Packet highlights some of the advantages of opening a business in downtown.

Downtown Hobart Business Handbook

Opening a business in the downtown has unique provisions. The City of Hobart has published a Downtown

Business Handbook to guide new business owners through the process of opening their business. While this handbook provides information pertinent to downtown business owners, it also serves as a useful tool for anyone who is interested in opening a business within the City of Hobart.

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