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Posted on: September 22, 2022


The City of Hobart




The Redevelopment Commission (RDC) of the City of Hobart (City) is seeking applications for 2023 grants allowed under Indiana Code 36-7-25-7 (see attached). The purpose of the grants is to support educational programs, work training programs, worker retraining programs, or any other program designed to prepare individuals to participate in a competitive and global economy. It is the intention of the RDC’s grant program to 1) promote redevelopment and economic development in the City and 2) support programs or expenses which are in the best interest of the City’s residents. A majority of the people served by the grant program or expense should be residents of Hobart.

In 2023, $30,000 will be available for grant payment. Grant availability in future years is unknown at the present time. The RDC may make a single grant, multiple grants, or no grants based on the grant applications received. Grant selection is not determined on a point-based system but may be in the future. Grant awards will be recommended by the Grant Committee of the RDC to the entire RDC for approval. Award notification will be made by the end of the year.

Grants are a reimbursement type of grant. Applicants must incur 100% of the expense and then provide the required documentation to seek reimbursement. (A reimbursement request form with submittal instructions will be provided to grant awardees.) An agreement between the Applicant and the Hobart Redevelopment Commission must be fully executed before any grant funded expense can be incurred. This agreement will include the RDC’s findings of fact as required by State statute.

Documentation of compliance with grant conditions must be submitted every 90 days during the term of the grant. Reimbursement of expenses from grant funds will take no longer than 45 days upon submission of a completed request for grant funds. Approval of claims for grant expenses will be done at a meeting of the RDC. A final written report with photographs must accompany the final request for reimbursement. (An outline of what to include in the final report will be provided to grant awardees.) All grant and compliance information submitted will become public record.

Any publicity related to the program or expense funded by a grant must also credit the Hobart Redevelopment Commission.

The RDC operates without discrimination as to age, race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, income status, or national origin in the consideration of grant requests. The RDC funds only grant seekers who do not unlawfully discriminate as to age, race, sex, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, income status, or national origin.

Grant recipients must comply with I.C. 22-5-1.7-1 (E-Verify Program) for grants over $1,000.00.

Applications are due by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, to Redevelopment Grant Manager, Dawn Hostetler, 414 Main Street, Hobart, IN 46342. 219-942-5517

The RDC encourages your questions, which should be directed to Ms. Hostetler.

Five hard copies and one electronic copy are required. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the Grant Committee or the RDC.

Include in the grant application submission the following information. 

  1. Name of Organization or Individual Seeking Grant (the Applicant). 
  2. Contact information for Applicant (include Name/Title of Contact Person, E-mail, Phone #, Fax #, and Mailing Address) 
  3. Legal Status of Applicant. 
  4. Identify the Grant Administrator if different than the Contact Person. 
  5. Please provide a concise summary of the Applicant’s purpose and identify the governing body (Board of Directors, School Board, etc.) Provide a website address if such exists. 
  6. Explain the program, expense, or equipment that the grant will be funding and include the dollar amount of the grant request. 
  7. Explain in detail how the grant funds will be spent. 
  8. Explain when the grant funds will be spent, include start and stop dates. 
  9. Provide a short title for the grant request. 
  10. Calculate and/or explain the Return on Investment for the grant funds. 
  11. Explain if other funds are secured for the program or expense proposed for grant funding. 
  12. Explain if there is public outreach and if so, provide details on this effort. 
  13. Explain how the Applicant will measure success related to the grant funded program, expense, or equipment. 
  14. Identify any partner organizations involved in the grant and explain their role and responsibilities. 
  15. Explain why the Applicant is seeking funding for this grant program, expense, or equipment. 
  16. Identify any Hobart and/or Lake County businesses who will benefit directly or indirectly from the program or expense proposed. Explain the benefit in detail. 
  17. Are there planning documents to support the requested grant program, expense, or equipment? If so, please provide supporting documentation (estimate from supplier or screenshot of equipment and pricing from supplier’s website). 
  18. Provide any other information that the Applicant thinks would be beneficial for the RDC to know that would aid in selecting your grant application for approval. 
  19. Have you researched and identified other organizations or individuals who are currently providing a similar program or have made a similar expense? Explain why your program or expense is warranted, if a similar program exists, or a similar expense has been made by another organization or individual. 

Indiana Code §36-7-25-7

Contracts with eligible entities for educational and training programs

(a) As used in this section, “eligible entity” means a person whose principal functions include the provision of:

   (1) educational programs;

   (2) work training programs

   (3) worker retraining programs; or

   (4) any other programs; 

designed to prepare individuals to participate in the competitive and global economy.

(b) After making the findings set forth in subsection (c), a commission, or two (2) or more commissions action jointly, may contract with an eligible entity to provide:

   (1) educational programs;

   (2) work training programs

   (3) worker retraining programs; or

   (4) any other programs;

designed to prepare individuals to participate in the competitive and global economy.

(c) Before a commission may contract for a program described in subsection (b), the commission must find that the program will promote the redevelopment and economic development of the unit, is of utility and benefit, and is in the best interests of the unit’s residents.

(d) Except as provided in subsection (e), a commission may use any revenues legally available to the commission to fund a program described in subsection (b).

(e) A commission may not spend:

   (1) bond proceeds; or

   (2) more than fifteen percent (15%) of the allocated tax proceeds it receives on an annual basis; 

to fund a program described in subsection (b).

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