Education and Outreach Opportunities

Classroom Water Quality and Conservation Opportunities

The City of Hobart and the Hobart Stormwater District is committed to providing quality storm water and water conservation education opportunities to every student in the school systems that serve the residents of Hobart. We offer fun and creative activities for the classroom to foster awareness and good stewardship in our youth.

For information or to schedule an activity in your classroom, please contact the MS4 Coordinator or MS4 Educator at 219-942-3619.

Need a Speaker for your Civic Organization?

The Hobart Stormwater District invites the opportunity to speak with your civic groups regarding storm water. Presentations can be scheduled by contacting the MS4 Coordinator at 219-942-3619.

Storm Water Quality Program - Report Pollution

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) pertain to illicit, or not lawful, connections to storm sewers, and the illegal discharge and/or dumping of pollutants into storm sewers.. The City of Hobart and the Hobart Stormwater District takes IDDE very seriously because these practices can lead to reductions in the quality of water in our local waterways.

To report illicit discharges and illegal connections, please contact the Hobart Storm Water District by calling 219-942-3619.