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Grievance or Request for Accommodation Form
All grievances, disability discriminations or complaints should be directed to the ADA Coordinator.  The ADA Coordinator will address the problem with whichever department or supervisor that it concerns, within a timely manner.  Together, they will determine what the exact problem is and try to determine how to remedy the complaint.  Again, this should be done in a prompt and fair manner. 

If the complaint is beyond their slope of expertise, the coordinator will discuss the complaint with someone of higher authority such as the City Engineer, City Attorney or the Mayor.  In the City of Hobart, the Board of Works has the absolute authority.  Any person, identity, company, organization, etc. would have the right and ability to complain to that Board, if the Coordinator does not respond in what they determine is a reasonable time frame.

To reach the Board of Works, you would have to go through the City of Hobart Clerk's office.

Grievance or Request for Accommodation Form

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