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Safety Call Network
The Hobart Police Department has introduced a new service for senior citizens living in the City of Hobart, known as The Safety Call Network. This program provides a unique service to those seniors who live alone and/or are disabled and/or housebound. It is a telephone network designed to provide senior citizens with a telephone call anywhere from once a week to everyday at a specified time. This call lets them know that someone is checking on them and that someone cares for their well being. If you know of a resident that you believe could benefit from this service please have them fill out an application, or contact the Public Relations office at 219-942-1125 ext.1070

Safety Call Procedure
Seniors residing in Hobart must complete all enrollment/registration forms to become a member.

  1. Once enrolled, a volunteer will place a call to each person during designated time.
  2. When the telephone is answered, the volunteer will verify the well-being of the person.
  3. If the volunteer receives a busy signal, they will automatically retry the number at specified intervals. 
  4. If no answer is received, alert procedures will go into effect.
  5. Emergency contacts will be notified and an officer will go to the residence and check on their well being.

Calls may be suspended for periods of time, for vacations or for certain days of the week at the discretion of the member. However, notification is required at least 48 hours in advance.

The safety call network is free. Any expansions or changes in service will be provided to all members.

For more information on our Safety Call Network view our brochure.

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