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Posted on: March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Update from Mayor Snedecor


Good Evening, this is Mayor Brian Snedecor.  The week of June 1st Public Works will be going back to a regular trash pickup schedule.  Please use your recycling toter for recycling and your trash toter for trash.  This week is a non- recycling week. Private pickups and the compost program will resume also the week of June 1st.

The City Yard will go back to the normal hours of Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 2:45 pm and we will be keeping the extended hours on Saturday from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. 

If you have any additional questions about Public Work’s services, please call them at 942.6121.

Also, starting today, Methodist Hospitals is performing COVID-19 testing at the Hobart Clean Air Car Check facility on behalf of the Lake County Health Department.

Testing will be held Wednesday through Saturday 9 am – 5 pm at 325 Sullivan Street, the emissions testing facility.

The testing is for Lake County residents who are essential workers, first responders, people in high risk categories and those who are suffering symptoms of the COVID-19 virus such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, muscle pain, chills and loss of smell or taste.  A physician order is not required. 

Thank you.


I would like to start by thanking you for your coorporation in dealing with the coronavirus.  Your City Leadership team is working daily to stay updated on changes brought forth by our President and Governor.

If you have City business to conduct, you may do so by email or telephone.   We plan to hold meetings starting in May.  These will be virtual meetings, so please check the City website for agendas. 

The Public Works Department has made one sweep around the City to pick up compost bags. However, there will be no further curbside pick-up of compost bags  until further notice to protect the health and safety of our employees.  There are still many questions as to how long the virus can remain on paper or cardboard. Until we have firm assurance regarding this subject, I do not feel comfortable putting our employees at risk.  We do understand the need for being able to dispose of your yard waste, so we have decided to extend the Public Works Yard hours as follows:

Monday – Thursday 7:00 am -6:00 pm

Friday 7:00 am – 2:45 pm

Saturday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

The City Yard is currently available to Hobart residents free of charge, this goes for the compost disposal as well as trash disposal.  You will be required to show a photo ID with a Hobart address. Please help us spread the word to neighhbors who may not have received this call.

Thank you again for your understanding during this time.  We are working hard to make the best decisions for you, our residents, while keeping our employees safe and healthy.

We will continue to follow the directives set forth by our Governor.

We will continue to communicate updates with you thorugh robo-calls, Hobart Hotline Videos and our City website.

Thank you again for practicing social distancing and other precautions in our fight against COVID-19.

We are in this together.


The City of Hobart is continuing to follow the shelter in place directives set forth by Governor Holcomb.

Public Works will have normal garbage pick-up on Good Friday, April 10. They will continue to allow residents to place both toters out weekly. Please use both for garbage, as we are still not sorting recycling. Items placed outside toters will not be picked up.

Spring Curbside Leaf Collection and Compost is currently postponed until May 4. You may drop off compost bags for free at Public Works.

We are still doing special pickups, EXCEPT tires and electronics. Please call Public Works at 942.6121 if you would like to use this service. (Fees may apply) Please check the Public Works Department page on cityofhobart.org for more information.

We want to thank ALL our City workers for their commitment getting us through this. We also want to give a huge shout out to ALL the first responders and the Medical related field for their service and dedication during this time.

Our community continues to serve you! We are a community that is a leader to others in how we come together and support one another. I am proud of YOU and I am proud of Hobart. Remember to continue to check on shut ins and seniors as we continue to work to flatten the curve.

- Hi, this is your Parks Director, Kelly Goodpaster. With the nice weather anticipated for this weekend I wanted to give you some tips for using our parks and trails safely.

· Do not gather in groups in parks or on the trail

· Keep 6 feet in between you and others at all times

· Carry water, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes to further protect yourself

· Wash and sanitize your hands frequently

· Avoid playground and other areas where groups might form

· Leave any area where you cannot maintain a 6 foot distance

· Do not touch your face

· Stay home if you exhibit any symptoms of illness

· Please keep in mind, public bathrooms will not be open

While we want you to get out and exercise, it is important to do so safely.


With the Shelter in Place order in effect over the last week, I have noticed a change in the way our residents are doing conducting their daily lives.   Thank you for taking this seriously and staying home.   I would like to ask parents to make sure their children, specifically teenagers, stay home or be in the presence of a responsible adult. I have noticed groups of up to 10 or more congregating in parks throughout the city. We need everyone’s cooperation to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I would also like to take this time to thank you for the support that you have been showing the small businesses in town, many are still open for curbside or carry out. It is important that we support them as much as possible, they need us right now. 

This has been one of the most challenging situations that this Nation has ever seen, working together to get through it is what we will do. It is important to stay active and engaged.   Our parks and trail system will remain open, while playgrounds will remain closed until further notice.  Please practice social distancing when utilizing these areas. 

We know that most of you are using this extra time at home to clean up around the house.  To help accommodate that, please use both recycling and garbage toters for trash disposal weekly.  This also helps keep staff safe from having to handle/sort recycling vs. garbage.

Again, thank you Hobart for your support during this trying time.

Your Mayor, Brian Snedecor

Here is some information from Hobart Events Director, Nikki Lopez.

We are working hard at Hobart Events trying to come up with things to keep you occupied during the shelter in place order.  With Easter coming up, we thought it would fun to do drive through Easter Egg Hunt but we need your help to do it! Please decorate your window or even your yard with Easter Egg Decorations, (homemade ones would be great).  On Easter Weekend hop in the car with your family and count how many you can find!

On Wednesday, April 1 at 7:00 please join the Nation in placing luminaries or a simple candle outside your home as we Unite with Light. Let this offer support to the many doctors, nurses and medical professionals working to aid others during the COVID-19 Outbreak.  Let this allow communities’ to shine bright despite the circumstances.

Please check Hobart Events on Facebook for future events……….in the meantime: stay safe, stay healthy,

stay home

3/24/2020 UPDATE * The Critical Industries Hotline is up and running and is available to answer business and industry questions only regarding my Stay-At-Home order. 
Phone: 877-820-0890
Email: covidresponse@iedc.in.gov

I wanted to clarify what constitutes an essential business.

*Essential government operations
*Healthcare and public health operations
*Human services operations
*Essential infrastructure
*Public safety
*Stores that sell groceries and medicine
*Food, beverage and agriculture
*Organizations that provide charitable and social services
*Religious entities
*Media entities
*Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation
*Financial and insurance institutions (banks, credit unions)
*Hardware and supply stores
*Critical trades
*Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery & pick up services
*Laundry services
*Restaurants (carryout, drive-thru and delivery only)
*Supplies to work from home
*Supplies for essential business and operations
*Transportation (airline, taxi, & ride share)
*Home-based care and services
*Residential facilities and shelters
*Professional services (legal services, accounting)
*Manufacturing, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries
*Hotels & motels
*Funeral services

People are still allowed to go the to grocery to buy food and other essentials. They will also be allowed to visit restaurants tin order to get carryout/drive through food; those businesses can continue to offer food delivery services.

The state will open a hot line to answer industry questions about the Governor's executive order.

Hoosiers whose jobs are deemed non essential should stay home. If your employer designates you as an essentail employee, then you should continue to go to work and practice social distancing.

Hair salons, spas, nail salons, tattoo parlors and barbershops are not considered essential services and have been ordered to close.

Day cares are considered essential and will remain open.

Essential travel is constituted as:

*Any travel related to essential activities (grocery, pharmacy etc.), essential government functions, essential businesses and operations or minimum basic operations
*Travel to care for the elderly , minors, dependents, persons with disabilities or vulnerable persons
*Travel to or from educational institutions for purposes of obtaining materials for distance learning
*Travel in order to return to a place of residence from outside the jurisdiction
*Travel required by law enforcement or court order, including to transport children pursuant to a custody agreement
*Travel required for non-residents to return to their place of residence outside the state of Indiana

Thank you,
Your Mayor
Brian Snedceor


Your City of Hobart Leadership Team continues to work to give you the most up to date information possible.

The Stay-At-Home order set forth by Governor Holcomb  takes effect Tuesday March 24 at 11:59 pm and Ends on Monday, April 6 11:59 pm.  This order is mandatory. For the safety of all Hoosiers, people must stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Essential businesses and services include but are not limited to grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, doctor offices, health care facilities, garbage pick-up, and public service hotlines such as SNAP and HIP 2.0.

As your City Leadership, it is important for us to set the example in which we want people to follow.  City Buildings will be closed to the public effective the end of the business day Tuesday, March 24.  Employees will be working remotely to answer your phone calls and emails. Public Works is working with smaller crews to keep up with garbage/recycling pickup. Police & Fire are staffed and ready to be of assistance, should the need arise.

Please practice social distancing by stating 6 feet from others. We need to understand that young adults are not immune to this virus.  Even if we don’t contract the virus we can carry it into the homes of our loved ones.

 I encourage you to go outside for walks or hikes,  but please stay off public playgrounds.  Check on your neighbors and elders with a phone call, to ensure they are safe and have the items they need.  Please call the Mayor’s Office at 942.6112 if you are a senior or have special needs and need assistance with the delivery of the basic essentials such as food or medication.

Use this time to reconnect with your family, get some spring cleaning done, and try that recipe you’ve always wanted to make.  We are all in this together and we will get through this together.   We will continue to update you as needed, and you can always find the CDC’s current recommendations and the Governor’s directives at cityofhobart.org. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

Your Mayor,
Brian Snedecor

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