Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you send a fire truck along with an ambulance to a medical emergency?                                            All of our firefighters are cross-trained to provide emergency medical services. Each of our fire trucks has at least one Paramedic on board, as well as EMT’s. A fire truck will sometimes arrive on scene first because it is the closest emergency unit. In many situations, it takes more than two people to adequately care for someone in need.

Why do I see fire trucks at the grocery store?                                                                                                         Our firefighters work a 24 hour shift, and must provide their own food. Policies are in place to limit non-emergency travel, therefore they only stop when returning to the firehouse after conducting official business, such as an emergency call or training.

Where can I go to have my child safety seat inspected?                                                                                         The Hobart Fire Department has several certified safety seat inspectors. To make an appointment, please call our office at 219-942-5184.

Why do you block extra lanes of traffic at auto accidents?                                                                                  We block extra lanes for the safety of our personnel and the victims we are stabilizing. Over 25 firefighters are killed across the country every year while working incidents on streets and highways. Please slow down and move over.

Why do you send so many vehicles to a fire?                                                                                                          Firefighting is a very labor intensive activity, and we can expend great amounts of energy in a short time. It is important for the safety of our personnel, and for the public, to have an adequate amount of firefighters on the scene.

Does the Fire Department offer CPR and/or first aid classes to the public?                                                        Our firefighters union teaches CPR, first aid and a Stop the Bleed course. Please call our office at 219-942-5184 if interested.

Can I burn leaves or brush in my yard?
   Burn permits are required in Hobart. You can request one at Firehouse 1, 401 E. 10th Street

How can I get a smoke detector for the Fire Department?
   You can receive a free smoke detector from the Red Cross at 219-756-5360, or sign up at

Can I get my blood pressure checked at the firehouse?
   Stop by any of our firehouses to get your blood pressure checked, free of charge.

Can I call the Fire Department to dispose of household hazardous materials?
   The Hobart Public Works department can assist in discarding unwanted hazardous materials. Please contact them at 219-942-6121.

How do I arrange a tour of the Firehouse?
   We enjoy having visitors, and don’t mind showing people around our firehouses. Please call our office at 219-942-5184 to arrange a tour.

How do I get a copy of a fire incident or medical report?
   Please call our office at 219-942-5184 to inquire about a copy of our run reports.

What if there is a flood and I need sandbags?
   Sandbags are available through the Public Works Department. You can inquire at 219-942-6121.