Vehicle Impound Releases

How to Obtain Your Vehicle From Impound

In the event your vehicle has been towed by the Hobart Police Department, a tow release is not required to retrieve your vehicle. Vehicles are taken to Samson Towing at 3737 East 82nd Court 219-730-1430. If your vehicle is part of an investigation a Hobart Detective will advise when the vehicle is available for pick up. You will need to present photo identification showing that you are the titled and registered owner of the vehicle. If you are not the titled owner, you must have a notarized statement from the titled owner giving you permission to obtain a release on their behalf. If you have purchased the vehicle and the vehicle is not yet registered or titled in your name, you must apply for a title in your name at a local BMV branch and bring the receipt for the title to location vehicle is being held.

If your vehicle was impounded by an agency other than the Hobart Police Department, you will need to contact that agency for release information.