Street Department

Street Maintenance

The Street Department takes care of all city-owned streets. This includes paving, patching, and berm work. Not all streets in the city are owned by the city, some are under the control of the state, the county, or a private entity. We do not provide service to these streets, but if you call we will try to put you into contact with the proper agency.

Sign Repairs

All street signs and street markers on city-owned streets are maintained by the Street Department. Any time a street sign or marker has been damaged or is missing we ask that you call the Public Works Department Office at 219-942-6121 during regular business hours.

Stop signs are repaired as soon as possible. To report a downed stop sign after office hours, please call the Police Department at 219-942-1125. The Street Department does not decide where to place signs. Requests for new stop signs and speed limit signs must be made to the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Trees on City Easements

Trees on city easements are the responsibility of the homeowner for maintenance. Trees should be kept 12 feet above the pavement, in order for city trucks to collect trash and plow roads. The city will remove easement trees only when they are dead or dying and funds are available. The city determines the condition of the tree by using professional tree service personnel. Homeowners may remove easement trees at their own expense with permission from the Board of Public Works and Safety.

It is illegal to plant new trees on easements without permission from the board. The Board of Public Works and Safety meets on Wednesdays before City Council meetings. To be added to the agenda call the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office at 219-942-1940.

Brush Collection

The Street Department picks up brush throughout the city on a call-in basis, their number is 219-942-6121. Residents can bring brush to the City Dump Yard for disposal, but an annual permit is required. We ask that branches be placed on front easements and be no longer than 8 feet long. The cut end should be placed toward the curb.

The city does not collect trunks, roots, or branches larger than 8 inches in diameter. Large piles of brush may incur a fee. If a fee is to be charged, you will be notified first. Forms must be signed and returned before we can pick up the pile. The city does not collect brush trimmed by contractors or hired help. If a resident hires someone to trim trees, then the resident is responsible for removal of all debris.

Street Painting

The Street Department paints center lines, edge lines, and railroad crossing markings on major streets only. Lines are painted once a year, starting as soon as weather breaks in the spring. Work areas are marked with cones and signs.

We ask that drivers please not cross newly painted lines. The street department uses water-based paint that can be washed off if it gets on vehicles.

Snow Plowing

The Street Department is in charge of snow plowing of all city-owned streets. Main roads are plowed first, followed by secondary roads, and then subdivisions. The plows are set to plow to the curb side of the road. We do not plow private property.

Mailbox Damage Reporting

Mailboxes are the responsibility of the homeowner and should be placed at least 2 feet from the edge of the road. We only repair mailboxes that are hit by the plow. Any damage caused by snow off of the blade is the homeowner’s responsibility. We ask that homeowners check mailboxes in the fall to make sure that they are secure and there is no rotting wood. Residents must contact the Police Department at 219-942-1125 to report damage. The city will then determine if the damage was caused by a plow.