Sewer Department

Problem Reporting

If you experience a sewer backup between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. please call 219-942-3619.

For sewer backup after hours or on weekends, call the Police Department at 219-942-1125. They will then notify the proper people to handle the situation.

When there is a problem with a storm catch it should be called in to the Sewer Department Office at 219-942-3619.


An employee will come out as soon as possible to determine if the problem is in our line or not. They will then report their findings to you. If the problem is ours, we will do what is necessary to solve it. If the problem is the homeowner’s, they will be advised. Our men may offer suggestions about solving your problem but do not recommend any specific company. Hiring someone to repair a line that is not the city’s is the homeowner’s responsibility. The city is responsible main lines only. Connections and laterals to your house are the homeowners responsibility.

Storm Drain Information

The Sewer Department services all storm sewer lines and catch basins. We clean catch basins regularly. We ask residents for help in keeping storm catches cleaned off. Leaves and debris from the roads can cause the catch to become blocked.

Residents are also reminded that they are not allowed to run downspouts and/or sump pumps directly into the street.


Sewer Department personnel do inspections of new sewer lines. Call the Building Department at 219-942-1722 to schedule an inspection.

Smoke Testing

The sewer department will occasionally use smoke to test lines. These tests are done to check our lines and to check for illegal hookups. You may see green smoke coming from vents on houses in the area testing is being done. Any time testing is done police and fire personnel are notified first. Homeowners will be notified with a door hanger when testing is done. Sump pumps and down spouts can not be hooked into the sanitary sewer system.

Call Before You Dig

Call 811 before you dig. When you will be digging in your yard, we ask that you call for locates. Residents should call in two days prior to digging. Residents will be held accountable for damage to city lines.

Mosquito program

The Sewer Department is involved in the mosquito control program. They treat ponds, creeks, and wetland areas with pellets. The pellets last for six months and are safe for the environment. Areas are treated in late spring through summer.

Sanitary Sewer

Beneath the streets of every city and many smaller communities, a system of sewers and pumps conveys wastewater away from homes, factories, offices, and stores. This disposed water, which may contain a variety of domestic, commercial, and industrial wastes, flows through the sewers to a wastewater treatment plant. In the case of the City of Hobart, wastewater flows to the Gary Sanitary District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). There, pollutants are removed and the cleansed water is discharged into an adjacent water body, such as a river, bay, lake, or ocean.

The City of Hobart’s Sewer Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system. As such, the city passed several ordinances covering the use of the sewers, installation, connection, and prohibited discharges of wastewater to the sewers.  These requirements are included in the ordinance(s) and City Codes below:

  • Ord. 2021-01 HSD Sewer Use Pretreatment Program[AH1] 
  • Hobart Municipal Code, Title V: Public Works, Chapter 53. Sewers and Sewage   Disposal