CLEAN Community Challenge

CLEAN Initiative Mission Statement

The City of Hobart is committed to complying with environmental requirements, voluntary commitments, and to preserving and protecting our community. In order to achieve this commitment, we have formed a stakeholder group. This stakeholder group is committed to establishing a better quality of life for our residents. To show our commitment the stakeholder group consists of Mayor Snedecor, the Board of Public Works and Safety, the City Council, the Public Works Department, the Parks Department, and the Planning Division.

The City of Hobart commits to achieve continuous environmental improvement, promote energy and resource efficiency, and educate the community and employees in environmental awareness. In order to achieve these goals, Hobart will lead programs committed to pollution prevention, increasing recycle rates, and energy efficiency. Specific goals and projects will be established and reviewed periodically.

Current Goals

Following are five environmental goals that CLEAN is working on currently:

  • Increase recycling within municipal departments
  • Reduce consumption of electricity by city facilities and operations
  • Reduce salt usage on city streets and parking lots
  • Reduce the potential of spills of oil from equipment and containers in the Public Works and Parks departments
  • Establish sustainable programs to promote native flora