Vial of Life

About the Program
The Vial of Life program is for anyone in the community who would like to ensure that in the event of an emergency, police and medical responders have immediate access to potentially life-saving information. People that are at an increased risk for a medical emergency, such as senior citizens or community members with special needs, are greatly encouraged to participate in the program.

Vial of Life kits are free and are available at the following locations:
Hobart Police Department-705 E 4th St
Hobart Fire Department– 400 E 10th St
Maria Reiner Senior Center– 705 E 4th St

About the Kit
The kit consists of a vial (large empty pill bottle) labeled with a “Vial of Life” sticker that will be placed inside your refrigerator. Inside the bottle is a medical form which needs to be filled out by the participant stating their health status, current medications, and emergency contact information. A magnetic sticker is also provided; it should be placed on the outside of the front door of your refrigerator indicating you are a participant in the program.

  1. Fill out the information sheet provided inside of the packet "Hobart 911 Information.”
  2. Fold the information sheet in half lengthwise and roll.
  3. Place the rolled information sheet into the vial labeled “Vial of Life 911”.
  4. Place the vial into your refrigerator where there is easy access to it.
  5. Attach the “Vial of Life" magnet to your refrigerator door identifying you as a participant.

Special Thanks
Hobart resident Ramona Ambrovich is responsible for bringing this program to our city. Several years ago she was out of town visiting relatives when tragically her husband collapsed and died while shoveling snow. No one knew how to reach her. Recently she was visiting relatives in Minnesota and noticed a brightly colored magnet on a refrigerator. She broached the idea to our city leaders and the program was launched. Thank you Ramona!

For more information on the Vial of Life program view our brochure.