The Team

The Hobart Police Department K-9 Unit consists of seven teams and is lead by Lt A. Simon Gresser. The unit certifies every year with the American Police Canine Association.

Members include:

K9 SCOUTK-9 Scout German Shepherd, handler Lieutenant A. Simon Gresser

K9 SPIKEK-9 Spike Belgian Malinois, handler Sergeant R. Snedecor

K9 BUTCHK-9 Butch German Shepard, handler Corporal K. Garber Jr.

K9 MOJOK-9 Mojo Dutch Shepard, handler Sergeant K. Williams

K9 HATCHETK-9 Hatchet Belgian Malinois, handler Corporal C. Riggle

K9 YORKK-9 York German Shepherd, handler Officer J. Havens

K9 DIESELK-9 Diesel Labrador,          handler Corporal B. Taylor

K-9 Mission Statement

The Hobart Police K-9 Unit strives to educate law enforcement and the community in the aspects of the police patrol detector dog. While using these canines’ natural abilities, we are able to train these dogs for applications that we use in law enforcement. Utilizing such canines in their specialized areas, we are able to preserve life and property and suppress the criminal element.

Unit Functions

Hobart K-9s are used for tracking, trailing, narcotic detection, evidence recovery, and protection purposes.

They frequently conduct demonstrations for community businesses and do routine school searches for many area schools.


Our K-9 Unit is a donation based unit and frequently has community fundraising events.

For information on events please check the Hobart Police Department’s Calendar or like us on Facebook.