Building Department

City Hall will be opened up for public access. City Hall hours will be 8-4, Monday thru Friday.  

     Permits and Licenses will be issued between the hours of 8-3:30 pm.



The Hobart Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits and performing inspections for both commercial and residential new construction and remodeling projects within the city limits.

Permits & Codes

Permits enable the city to enforce provisions of the Indiana Building Code and local ordinances. These codes provide a minimum standard for protection of life, health, property, and public welfare.

Building Permits are required prior to the start of any work. For any questions, please contact the Building Department at 219-942-1722. A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupying any commercial building, storefront, or other structure. The Zoning Application can be found under "Applications & Forms."

When requesting a change of business and/or a change of use please contact the Zoning Department for any zoning requirements at 219-942-7985.

Oversight & Complaints

The Hobart Building Department also oversees contractor licensing. Any contractor, subcontractor, or specialty contractor working within the city limits must be licensed to perform work within the city. In addition, the Building Department receives, assesses, and works to resolve code enforcement complaints and violations in regards to building construction.


We strive to serve the community in a positive and courteous manner to help ensure that the City of Hobart continues to be a healthy, safe, and enjoyable place to live, work, or visit. We help to support community values, preserve the environment, promote the wise use of resources, and protect public health and safety.